Let's take a look at the hairstyle stories of some of UK's top celebrities who have used contemporary hair transplant technologies.

Being a celebrity, being recognized around the world, living according to your appearance and continually fighting the signs of aging is not an easy task. Maintaining an "on-screen appearance" is what TV celebrities live for. Celebrities who struggle with hair loss resort to hair transplantation. This is not only aesthetic but also a lasting solution to hair loss problems.

Some of the celebrities have undergone one or two hair transplants. The procedure involves transplanting individual hair into parts of the head that are suffering from thinning or hair bands with hair growing on them through small incisions.

Let's take a look at the hairstyle stories of some of UK's top celebrities who have used contemporary hair transplant technologies. Here are seven UK celebrities who had a hair transplant.

Wayne Rooney


Rooney is one of the UK's most iconic footballers and is always in the spotlight. He became bald at 25 years of age while playing for Manchester United when he noticed the diminishing hair growth; he opted for a hair transplant.


Therefore, Rooney searched for the best hair transplant clinic, which proved he was an excellent candidate to follow the FUE technique. The results of the hair transplant as we all know was a success, and today Wayne carries himself with so much confidence, even on the pitch. Wayne Rooney confirmed to all his fans that he had a hair transplant and was pleased with the results. Rooney is almost the first male hair transplant of renown.


Louis Walsh


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A TV judge, this time from X Factor, Louis Walsh, revealed in 2011 that he had also received a hair transplant.


Legend has it that the supreme Factor X, the real Simon Cowell, renowned for his fleshy hair, told Louis he was losing his hair. After a few refusals, Louis decided to have a hair transplant when he saw the back of his head on high definition television. He also joked that it was only a minor "maintenance" and did so to keep his work on X-Factor! Whatever your reasons are, we think it's great.









Calum Best


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Another star on our list is TV presenter, and actor Calum Best, who has had three hair transplants since 2012. He reportedly said that the procedures had changed his life, making him safer and allowing him to look for work and roles that he may not have. He said: "The difference in my self-esteem is immeasurable."


Calum, like Rooney, had the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation method. This is one of the techniques we use here at LifeMed. It is less invasive, recovers faster, causes little or no scarring, and is considered the first option for hair transplantation compared to the older or follicular unit graft (FUT) method.


He also acknowledged that he cared less about what people think of him when he gets older. And that's why he was so honest about his decision to initiate the procedure three times. Your hair, your choice, Calum!






Gordon Ramsay



Presenting an unsuccessful hair transplant attempt, this famous chef had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic used during his procedure. All this after consulting with a hair transplant guru. With hair transplant procedures becoming more frequent and straightforward, it is not surprising that celebrities are increasingly using these procedures. Every day is better than accepting hair loss as a way of life.


James Nesbitt


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He is one of the few celebrities to admit that he did a hair transplant openly, but it's not like he could hide it anyways! The Irish actor James Nesbitt was particularly bald a few years ago, but we can see him today with beautiful hair. This incredible transformation is the result not of one, but two hair transplants.


Rob Brydon


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Rob certainly chose the FUE (follicular transplant unit), the most recommended transplant method by celebrities. This is where the grafts are transferred separately from the back and scalp before being replanted in the bald areas. 


The advantage of FUE is that the scars are minimal: red holes in the donor area and where the hair disappears after a few weeks of replanting.


Rob may have opted for a more conventional approach of hair transplantation, FUT, follicular unit transplantation. Here, a strip of scalp skin is removed to get the hair given. The technicians remove the individual grafts from this band using a microscope, and our team of experts replants them in the bald areas.


Joe Swash




The former Eastenders actor admitted that he had a hair transplant early in his career, after feeling the pressure to look good on the screen. "It was for me and for something I wanted to do, feel better, I was on TV, and I could have something to do with it," he said. "With my work on TV, I wanted to see myself in the best possible way, which is perhaps not the right way to think, that's how you feel personally." 


All these celebrities show that a growing number of men are proudly talking about the choice of hair transplant. Take a step for an improved life with hair transplantation in Turkey and always ask for support. Our Doctor and professional team at Lifemed Medical Centre build a support system for the patient, including operation, medical care and controls. Contact us to book your 3-day package for hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey, including the arrangements required for your trip.


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