Hair transplant usually is a straightforward procedure, especially when the surgeons are experienced in it. Nowadays, Turkey is the ultimate destination of choice of those who want to carry out hair transplantation...

Recent technological advances and investments have made hair transplantation more accessible. As a result, the demand for hair transplant in Turkey has increased tremendously in the past years. However, the full range of cost estimates and online comparisons makes it challenging to decide easily. This guide will give you factors to consider when making an informed decision on hair transplant in Turkey.

What is a hair transplant?

It is a surgical procedure that takes about 4-6 hours (depending on how many follicules of hair to be transplanted) to restore the appearance of thinned or lost hair. The most common and effective method is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). During the procedure, the grafts taken from the upper part of the person’s nape are transferred to a different area. The reason why the graft is taken from the nape is that this area has a structure resistant to hair loss.

Factors influencing the hair transplant cost

Several factors contribute to the value of the hair transplant operation.

Specialized Treatment

Pay for specialized care. It is advisable to choose a hospital with highly skilled and respectable surgeons to perform the procedure. A hair transplant surgeon should inform patients about complications and side effects that may occur after treatment. Also, a surgeon should be available to contact if the patients have concerns or questions after returning to their respective homes.

Number of transplants

The amount of graft needed for the hair transplant will have a direct impact on the price; Most transplants plus the final cost of treatment is high. Unless a clinic or surgeon offers a fixed rate regardless of the number of operations required (as is often the case with clinics in Turkey, the number of transplants will determine the final price).

Transplant Method

There are several techniques for hair transplantation. The most frequently performed procedure is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure, in which each follicular unit is transplanted one by one. Other methods include follicular transplantation (FUT) or bandaging, which involves removing a band of hair from the back of the head and placing the units in the receiver area and ARTAS, a robotic hair restoration system that works automatically by finding the best hair for transplant harvesting. Once the hair is collected, they are transplanted to the thinned areas.

Depending on the procedure recommended or chosen, the final cost of treatment may vary. Surgeons who carry out a hair transplant in Turkey has mastered this art, little wonder why Turkey is one of the best destinations for hair transplantation.


The country or city where you choose to do the treatment will significantly affect the price. While prices in some parts of Europe can reach 16,000 Euros, but there are cheaper options in countries such as Turkey. Because of the more economical cost of living and working, prices are lower, but the quality of health care is not compromised. Hospitals and clinics in Turkey are associated with the highest quality installations in the world. So, you can be reassured that you will enjoy the best hair transplant in Turkey, and quality of treatment without breaking the bank.

Some frequently asked questions

Does hair transplant make you sick?

You will have a minor anaesthetic to make the surgery painless. You may feel discomfort during the healing process. Since the FUT band collection is more invasive, the FUE procedure is hardly more critical. So, any pain should be treated with standard painkillers. Doctors who carry out Hair transplant in Turkey know and abide by this.

Will the hair transplant will leave a scar?

FUE should not leave scars, so if you want to keep your hair short, this is perhaps the best option. FUT surgery will likely leave an injury in the donor region, although it may be hidden in mid-length hair.

What is the duration for a hair transplant procedure last?

Depending on the size of the operation, that is, how many individual follicles will be transplanted, but usually about four to eight hours. The recovery of the FUE transplant is quite fast because there are no points. A FUT transplant usually takes about a month for a complete cure, during which the FUE intervention will likely cause a little more discomfort. The scalp can turn red for a few weeks, so if you do not want someone to know, book for a vacation.

How long before seeing the results of my hair restoration?

The first results will be visible after about four months. The total effect of a hair transplant should be evident after one year. Grafted follicles may eventually start to shrink and produce smaller hairs, in which case another graft option is an option.

How many procedures will be needed?

Perhaps one, but some more transplantation procedures may be necessary for excellent coverage on recipient sites.

What is the success of a hair transplant?

With the usual warning that every person is different, most people who undergo an FUE and FUT hair transplant are happy with the result. The success will largely depend on the number of good follicles you have left, the area you wish to cover, and the capacity of the hair transplant surgeon.

Is the hair transplant permanent?

Since transplanted hair behaves as if left in the donor's area, there is no guarantee that a transplant will last forever. But it will probably take a long time. Hence, it is very safe to say it works.

What to look for?

When looking for a reliable clinic, make sure your hair transplant specialist, not technicians, is available for further consultation before the scheduled date. The team must do the necessary blood tests, and always pay attention to septic and new equipment. This is one of the several reasons why hair transplant Turkey is a great destination.

Hair transplant usually is a straightforward procedure, especially when the surgeons are experienced in it. Nowadays, Turkey is the ultimate destination of choice of those who want to carry out hair transplantation. This guide is to assist you in knowing what hair transplant is and to answer some of the questions you may have.

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