Turkey's competence and experience with international patients is another important factor. As many people travel every year for hair transplant in Turkey, hair transplant clinics offer a wide range of services to medical travelers...

Turkey is now recognized internationally as one of the best places to receive a variety of treatments, from plastic surgery to dentistry, to more complex procedures. However, according to a report made by the BBC, Turkey is even more famous for its hair transplant clinics, which offers some of the world's most affordable hair transplant options, including the best doctors.

Patients from various developed countries are known to travel to developing countries to get quality health-related services at affordable prices. Medical tourism has gotten so famous that more and more countries have opened their doors to international patients and Turkey is considered as one of the world’s best destinations for medical tourism.

According to the Turkey Healthcare Travel Council, in the year 2018, Turkey welcomed more than around 850,000 medical tourists from 149 different countries. Plastic surgery, hair transplantation, dental surgery and other treatments that require attentive care such as bariatric surgery, pediatric diseases and internal diseases are among the most popular treatments.

Why consider Turkey for your hair transplant?

The main reason why many patients go to Turkey for a hair transplant is the combination of high-quality facilities, excellent doctors, and affordable prices.

  • Quality of facilities and hospitals

Many hospitals also have international accreditations, such as the approval of the International Joint Commission (IJC), which ensures that hospitals comply with international standards. Turkey has the third largest number of JCI-certified hospitals in the world, and many of the country's best hair transplant clinics work directly outside of these hospitals.

  • Specialist doctors

Many Turkish doctors specialize in the treatment of hair loss and have honed their skills for many years. These doctors participate and are currently learning at international conferences and are dealing with hair transplantation all over Turkey. This experience means that many hair transplant clinics offer lifetime guarantees for their procedures to ensure patient satisfaction.

The high level of medical facilities for hair transplant in Turkey makes this country an excellent choice. The Turkish Ministry of Health checks hospitals twice a year to ensure that they meet the required quality, safety, and service standards.

  • The facilities work according to medical guidelines

Another factor contributing to the exponential growth of hair transplant in turkey is the strict conformity of medical institutions in Turkey with international guidelines of clinical practice. The Turkish Ministry of Health conducts frequent and spontaneous inspections of all medical facilities included in its premises to monitor the quality of care provided to review the credibility of physicians and to ensure that the environment and equipment are decontaminated by the legislation enforce general decontamination instructions and sterilization.

  • Cost-efficient

Several factors come into play in determining why the over $1 billion Turkish industry attracts a large number of health-related tourists, but the largest of these is at a lower cost than health clinics in other parts of Europe or the United States while maintaining the same level of professionalism.

Hair transplant in Turkey, performed by government-licensed surgeons under standard sterilization conditions, would cost between £1,500 and £2,000. Quality index is just one of the many factors that draw potential patients of different origins and ethnic groups around the world to hair transplant Turkey.

  • Medical tourism services

Turkey's competence and experience with international patients is another important factor. As many people travel every year for hair transplant in Turkey, hair transplant clinics offer a wide range of services to medical travelers.

Most hair transplants in Turkey are part of a package that includes the price of surgery; more nights in a four-star hotel; as well as transportation from the airport to the hotel, and the clinic as well as an international personal assistant for patients during their stay.

The clinics also employ multilingual staff (English, German, French, and Arabic), so external translators are rarely needed, but translators can often be provided on request.

In conclusion, the points mentioned above can make a small contribution to attracting health tourists (especially Hair transplant tourist) to Turkey. But combined, the result is a thriving industry in which patients are the biggest winners. Hair transplantation in Turkey deserves to distinguish itself and maintain its position as the leading destination, always delivering the best results that are affordable, of high quality, and easily accessible to patients.

Take a step for an improved life with hair transplantation in Turkey and always ask for support. Dr Emre Tambay and the team at Lifemed Hospital build a support system for the patient, including operation, medical care and controls. Contact us to book your 3-day package for hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey, including the arrangements required for your trip


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